School Logo

St Mary & St Michael

Catholic Primary School

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School Logo

St Mary & St Michael

Catholic Primary School

School Uniform


white cotton polo shirt
royal blue jumper/cardigan all with school logo
mid grey trousers or shorts / tartan skirt / pinafore 
dark coloured sensible shoes with grey or white socks
light blue check dress

white shirt with school tie
royal blue jumper/cardigan with school logo
mid grey trousers, shorts / tartan skirt 
dark coloured sensible shoes with grey/white socks or tights
light blue check / stripe dress

A royal blue waterproof reversible jacket with school logo is also available.

The PE kit consists of a plain white polo shirt, navy blue shorts or jogging pants and black trainers. A school hoodie is available for use during outdoor PE sessions.  Please ensure that all items are labelled with your child's name.  


Earrings (small studs) are allowed to be worn however these need to be taken out for sports activities or PE.  Please make sure your child can take out their own earrings or please take out at home on PE days- staff are not allowed to take out earrings.


Girls can wear trousers rather than skirts if they prefer.

All logo and specialist items are available form Uniform and Leisurewear, as are many of the universal items, although other suppliers are permitted.

Please ensure that all garments, including outdoor coats, are clearly labelled with your child's name.

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