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St Mary & St Michael

Catholic Primary School

Owl Class

Welcome to Owl Class



This week's Rising Star in Computing



This week's Blue Badge Award for St Mary & St Michael's values




To celebrate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee, Owl Class created collages using our cutting skills. 

Art - Pop Art


In Art, Owl class have been studying the work of Roy Lichtenstein and the history of Pop Art.


We created backgrounds using a printing technique which represents 'Ben Day Dots'. We went on to create a collage using comic strips and finally, using onamatopoeia, we picked our favourite word to POP OUT!

Art - Textiles


Owl Class have been studying the cultural significance of textiles in Ghana. We looked at Kente patterns and, using repeating patterns, fabric printed our own piece of cloth. We also used our weaving skills to create African inspired necklaces, thinking carefully about the meaning of the colours we chose.  

DT - Cooking and Nutrition


We had to apply the principles of a healthy and varied diet, understand seasonality then prepare and cook a savoury dish using seasonally grown vegetables.


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