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St Mary & St Michael

Catholic Primary School

Owl Class

Welcome to Mrs Guinan's Owl Class




This week's Rising Star in English - Writing


Eden Palmer


This week's Blue Badge Award for SS Mary & Michael values


Harry Jack

As part of our Home Learning, Mrs Jenkinson set us a task in Art to design and create a 3D model. We started by practising techniques to create different shapes with paper, using skills such as folding, curling and cutting. These are some of our creations, we hope you enjoy seeing them.

Class 3 & Class 4, in different ways, have been looking at TEXTURE.

The children in Class 3 have created fantastic texture boards, and Class 4 have created texture art studies in their Art books, using a range of materials and paint effects.

Both classes had great fun trying to find words to describe the textures they had used (some, you would definitely not find in a dictionary!)

The children then, using pencil, had a go at drawing pattern and texture, some from observation and some from imagination.

Class 3 also, using a cross-curricular link in English, wrote detailed instructions on how they created their texture boards.

Well done everyone, I'm sure you'll agree that they have all done a fabulous job!

Class 3 Design Technology project for this term is focusing on cooking & nutrition. We looked at the Eat Well plate, then tasted various food in preparation for designing our own rocket sandwiches, in celebration of Bonfire Night.

In PSHE Class 3 have been learning about how they are all unique and why this needs to be celebrated. They recognised the importance of people having their own thoughts, feelings and opinions. They identified their own uniqueness and celebrated it through art by creating these fantastic self-portraits.

Can you spot your friend?

Class 3 have made a fantastic start to National Poetry Day by writing and performing some of their own poetry.

Class 3 Performance Poetry

Still image for this video
The wolves are howling
The sea is pounding
The wind is growling

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