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St Mary & St Michael

Catholic Primary School



Curriculum Lead: Mrs R. Guinan



At St Mary and St Michael Catholic Primary school we strive for our children to gain a coherent knowledge and understanding of Britain’s history and that of the wider world and through doing so, stimulate curiosity to know more about the past. To reach their full potential, our pupils should learn to ask perceptive questions about our wondrous world, think critically, weigh evidence, sift arguments and develop deep perspective ad judgement for lifelong learning.




Here at St Mary and St Michael Catholic Primary School, teaching of history through a combination of overview and depth studies, will equip pupils with an understanding of chronology; the ability to communicate historically; confidence to interpret the past using artefacts; and an overview of world history through a range of themes (food and farming; beliefs; settlements; culture and pastimes; travel and exploration; and conflict). Learning is recapped and built upon as the pupils progress through the school, with many cross-curricular opportunities to enhance their learning even further.




At the end of the year, we expect the children to achieve ARE (age related expectations) for their year group. Progress is monitored using formative assessment, 'POP’ (Proof of Progress) tasks, the Lancashire Assessment Materials and teacher’s professional judgement. Intervention is provided where gaps in learning are identified.

Progression of Skills and Knowledge


We use the Lancashire National Curriculum Assessment Material documents for our progression of skills and knowledge. We adapt these where necessary to meet the needs of our pupils.

SS Mary and Michael Catholic Primary School History Policy

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