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School Logo

St Mary & St Michael

Catholic Primary School


At SS Mary and Michael Catholic Primary school we aim to inspire and ignite a love of reading and writing for all of our children. We use a phased approach to teaching English, which allows our children to experience how developing as reader can also enable us to develop as writers.


From the beginning of their journey at our school, we strive to provide opportunities to develop the skills that we feel are essential for them to become confident communicators throughout their lives.


Through thoughtful planning of our English Curriculum we intend to support our children in becoming active readers, writers and communicators both at home and at school.


Our teachers understand and value our children as individuals and this is at the forefront of our minds when we plan, teach and assess the next steps on our learning journey.




The pages within this section of the website will explain how these aspects of English are taught, the ways in which learning can be supported at home and they will also aim to celebrate some of the great learning that takes place at SS Mary and Michael Primary School.


Miss Lonsdale (KS1 English Subject Leader)

Mrs McGirl (KS2 English Subject Leader)

World Book Day - 5th March 2020

We celebrated World Book Day through this year’s theme, ‘Share a million stories,’ by asking the children to bring in their favourite story to share with a friend. The children visited other classrooms to share stories and to guess the teachers’ favourite stories by the costumes they were wearing. The children received a £1 book voucher at the end of the day.  

The day was enjoyed by everyone, with plenty of smiles and fantastic enthusiam! Well done everyone!

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