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St Mary & St Michael

Catholic Primary School

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School Logo

St Mary & St Michael

Catholic Primary School

Who's Who?

Come and meet the staff at our school!


School Staff


Acting Headteacher



Assessment, Reporting and Recording


Maths Subject Leader

Music Subject Leader


Mr A J Parry

Class 5 Teacher 


Mrs C Foster

Class 4 Teacher



Mr Creed


Class 3 Teachers

KS2 English & DT Subject Leader

History & Geography Subject Leader


Mrs R Guinan / Mrs R McGirl


Class 2 Teacher

RE Subject Leader

PSHE Subject Leader

Mrs R Nayler


Class 1 Teacher

KS1 English Subject Leader


PE Subject Leader


Miss R Lonsdale

School Business Support Officer

Mrs H Cronshaw

School Administration Assistant

Mrs M De Salvo

Teaching Assistants



Mrs T Jenkinson

KS 2

Mrs L Helme

KS 2

Mrs D Watt

KS 1

Miss S Smith

KS 1

Mrs M Cornall

KS 1

Miss M Suffolk

School Cook

Mrs J Brooks
Kitchen Assistant


Welfare Assistants

Mrs L Cowell


Miss F Catterall


Mrs R Billington


Mrs H Kippax

Site Supervisor

Mrs S Cornthwaite

School Cleaner

Mrs K Kerr

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