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St Mary & St Michael

Catholic Primary School

Modern Foreign Languages


Curriculum Lead: Mrs A. Perez



At St Mary and St Michael Catholic Primary school it is the intention that all children in KS2 will access first quality teaching of Spanish delivered by Mrs Perez, who is a native Spanish teacher. We want our pupils to embrace not only the language, but understand key elements of the Spanish culture. This will help to prepare them for life in our multi-cultural world. Our curriculum enables a real-life context to practise and utilise the learnt skills and knowledge.




We understand and value our children as individuals and this is at the forefront of our minds when we plan, teach and assess the next steps on our learning journey. This will enable children to communicate confidently with native Spanish speakers. Pupils will be given the incredible opportunity of communicating regularly with Colegio Miguel Hernandez, a bilingual primary school in Alcala De Henares, Madrid. The planned learning journey, allows for all taught skills and knowledge to be put to use in a final correspondence with the above Spanish school, providing that vital real-life context. As a school we feel that these unique opportunities are essential for our pupils to become confident communicators; encouraging and stimulating curiosity about language; and to adequately prepare them for the KS3 Modern Foreign Languages curriculum.




At the end of the year, we expect the children to achieve ARE (age-related expectations) for their year group. Progress is monitored using formative assessment, and teacher’s professional judgement.

Progression of Skills and Knowledge


Mrs Perez, our native Spanish speaker and MFL Curriculum Lead, has developed a thorough progression of skills and knowledge assessment document. The three main areas that our pupils are assessed in are: Oracy, Literacy and Intercultural Understanding. This is in-line with the National Curriculum objectives.

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