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St Mary & St Michael

Catholic Primary School



Curriculum Lead: Miss C. Harding



At St Mary and St Michael Catholic Primary school we believe in the importance of providing our children with the knowledge and experience to enable them to embrace new technology in a responsible and safe way. In order to reach their full potential, our pupils learn to use computational thinking and creativity in a wide range of contexts; this will help to ensure our pupils are digitally literate and are equipped with the necessary skills to embrace the role of responsible digital citizens, whilst preparing them for future endeavours.




Here at St Mary and St Michael Catholic Primary School, pupils will be taught computing skills explicitly through a thoughtfully sequenced scheme of work, with full coverage of the National Curriculum computing aims and objectives, using the online education platform ‘Purple Mash’. Our pupils will then practise and apply their computing skills and knowledge within a cross-curricular context.




At the end of the year, we expect the children to achieve ARE (age related expectations) for their year group. Progress is monitored using our progression of skills document and through formative assessment, we provide appropriate intervention and practise where gaps in learning are identified.

Progression of Skills and Knowledge


We use the Purple Mash Progression of Skills and Knowledge. We adapt this as necessary to meet the needs of our pupils

SS Mary and Michael Catholic Primary School Computing Policy

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