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St Mary & St Michael

Catholic Primary School

Class 5

Welcome to Mrs Foster's Class

Year 6 pupils are assessed as they reach the end of KS2 using the 'Interim Assessment Framework' as provided by the DfE.


To access the assessment tool, please click below.

Homework night for Class 6 children will be Friday.

Homework in the first instance will include Spellings, Maths and Literacy.

Literacy may be a 'talk' homework. 

ALL written homework will be handed in on a Wednesday.


Deacon D'Arcy Award for 'Blue Jumper & Badge Behaviour' (whole school award)


Emma Finnigan


This week's Rising Star was a Teacher Award


Thomas Williams


This week's Blue Badge Award for SS Mary & Michael values


Alex Alarcon

Hopes & Dreams

In these unusual times, Year 6 have taken time to stop and think about their Hopes & Dreams for the future.

Using the i-pads, they took fun photos of each other, then using a technique called 'Brusho', created their own unique, colourful background.

Hope you enjoy reading them! 

Class 5 enjoyed their Yoga & Mindfulness session in our beautiful outdoor area.

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