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St Mary & St Michael

Catholic Primary School

Class 4

Welcome to Mrs Perez's Class


Homework night for Class 5 children will be Friday.

Homework in the first instance will include Spellings, Maths and Literacy.

Literacy may be a 'talk' homework. 

ALL written homework will be handed in on a Wednesday.


This week's Rising Star in English


Robin Reynolds


This week's Blue Badge Award for SS Mary & Michael values


Libby Taylor

Class 3 & Class 4, in different ways, have been looking at TEXTURE.

The children in Class 3 have created fantastic texture boards, and Class 4 have created texture art studies in their Art books, using a range of materials and paint effects.

Both classes had great fun trying to find words to describe the textures they had used (some, you would definitely not find in a dictionary!)

The children then, using pencil, had a go at drawing pattern and texture, some from observation and some from imagination.

Class 3 also, using a cross-curricular link in English, wrote detailed instructions on how they created their texture boards.

Well done everyone, I'm sure you'll agree that they have all done a fabulous job!

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